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Fedeltà #756


Livia noticed things. It was an excellent characteristic. What many might think as some almost psychic power was in reality just observation and making connections.

Sofia fiddling with a ring finger lacking a ring said to Livia that either there'd been one there and Sofia had temporarily removed it.... why? Or it was wishful thinking, probably about some romantic involvement... who?

Sofia wasn't stupid. When Paolo entreated her not to wear the diamond ring out and about, she knew it could be dangerous. She wouldn't back down with Paolo, but maybe it wasn't smart to wear it out... not yet.

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    Livia's powers of observation sound like Sherlock Holmes'. How he was able to discern so much just by what he saw going on around him.

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    Sofia’s not so daft too. She knows it might be dangerous to flash her sparkler (well... the diamond!). But Livia’s Livia...

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