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Fedeltà #743


“It all seems pretty special to me” interjected Livia. “Very special. If I think of anything to make it even more special, I’ll let you know, Mary.” Paolo wouldn’t have seen Livia’s wink at Mary, who picked up on it immediately.

“Well dat seems straightforward den. Lovely! Your Terry should get the sendoff he deserves.”

‘Let’s hope he does’, thought Livia mischievously. ‘Hope so!’

“Now den Livia, do ya need to check it out wid der boss first?”

“Boss? What boss?”

“I tought Terry’s brother Tony moight want to be involved.”

“He’s not my boss. I’m boss round here!”


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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    Yeah... frightening... and they might get worse/better...

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