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Fedeltà #694


Paolo had been OK with Sofia thinking it had been his late mum’s diamond. It had somehow made more of the trade. However, right now he was cornered and had to get himself out of trouble.

“OK, Sofia, it’s true. It might be stolen, but I don’t know. Apparently the previous owner didn’t need it anymore.”

“On account of being dead maybe?” Sofia was still angry and her comment hit the mark and it showed on Paolo’s face.

“No, yes, maybe. I don’t know Sofia...”

“You do know a hell of a lot more about it, Paolo! Tell me now!”

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    Paolo should carry around a shovel. It would make all the holes he keeps digging for himself that much easier.

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    Agreed! 🙂

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