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Fedeltà #654


After what seemed to Paolo like absolutely ages, the pizzas arrived.

“Will you get them please Paolo, while I get us a drink? The money’s on the table by the front door.” Paolo leapt up, glad of the break in the exquisite tension that signalled progress... and because he was feeling peckish. Livia got up and slid off to get them a glass of wine.

“Help yourself.” she beckoned. Paolo helped himself to a boxful, happy that the tension was now broken. Livia took just a single slice and they both returned to the sofas.

Paolo couldn’t wait for dessert!

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Thanks Drew. I quite liked it myself!

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    Christopher over 5 years ago

    I liked that phrase as well.

    That Paolo. He's a horny little devil, isn't he?

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