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Fedeltà #652


Paolo immediately went to hold and kiss her. Still smiling, she stepped back, out of reach.

“Steady on Paolo. Down boy! You should know that this girl doesn’t do any of that kind of thing on an empty stomach. Let’s stay cool, eh?”

Livia had Paolo ‘on his back foot’ again. Only one person was in control in her house... Livia. Paolo seemed taken aback, but she continued.

“ I didn’t order food for 8.30 because I expected that you’d need to seem cool... and would arrive late. I’ll order it now. Pizza OK? It’s a fast Italian, like you!”

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    Peter Henderson over 5 years ago

    Are yes...a fast italian

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Me too!

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    Christopher over 5 years ago

    Finally caught up after my medical related sabbatical from drablr. This is really great, Neville. Most enjoyable.

    Now on to catch up with Drew's story...

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Thanks very much Christopher. Drew’s story is terrific.

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