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Blakeney #25


The Norfolk way of speaking is very particular. Not just words used or that distinctive dialect so different from the West Country burr that mimics get so wrong, but the Norfolk approach to grammar. The dialect thing is all about vowels, especially the way they say ‘oo’ and ‘o’, but grammar is something different. It made me chuckle.

A wag from Wiveton, someone with a sense of humour... or a local communicating to locals... has placed roadsigns at every entry to the village with the following command ‘SLOW YOU DOWN’. I hear it as I read it, smile... and obey!

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    We’ve driven into Wiveton from just about every direction possible. And every time we laugh out loud when we see the signs. The words are a gentle command in Norfolk speak, and a fondest memory is the encouragement to hurry up “come you on!” I hear it as I read it. I love it!

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    Steve McBrevity over 4 years ago

    We’ll blow you down! Explains a lot. You may not realise it but as a Norfolk boy you sometimes lapse into this form of speech after a couple of sherberts.

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    About to have a couple of sherbets roit now at a gourmet, Michelin-starred Sunday lunch up the rood. Oi’ll be aroit boi! 🧙‍♂️

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