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Partially sited #1


Tea break was exactly 15 minutes. One at 11.00, one at 3pm. Harold’s rules. He was building site foreman.

I was a woosy university student on vacation and Harold clearly recognised my talent... for tea-making. Half an hour before tea breaks and also lunch he asked “Are you gotta make the tea Nuvul?”

And off I went. Tea must be ready on time. My teamaking became legendary!

After 15 minutes Harold announced authoritatively, “Right! Back to work!” adding “Are you gotta sweep the hut Nuvul?” My meticulous washing up and hut-sweeping always took 30 minutes.

What a job!

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    Absolutely true, including the accent. 🙂 I was the jammiest bastard on the site. The only occasions when the timing slipped was if there was a delivery of bricks and, shockingly, I had to help... but tea breaks were only delayed, not cancelled. Three hours a day pissing about and getting paid for it! Yeeha!

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