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Fedeltà #66


The way Tony had explained things made it clear to Terry that Livia had taken a beating. He had no idea what would greet him when he got home. He needn’t have worried, because Livia had locked herself away and wouldn’t speak to him.

Grudgingly Terry accepted the need for Livia to be punished and was grateful that Tony hadn’t done any worse, like killing her, and he’d avoided her face. Terry loved Livia’s face and he didn’t want a constant visual reminder of what had transpired.

Days later, he drew a line in the sand with Livia. Sort of.

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    Christopher about 6 years ago

    It's amazing how even the meanest and most savage men can be wrapped around a woman's finger. It's almost like they're lion tamers!

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    Neville Hunt about 6 years ago

    Tamers and irritators all wrapped up in something nice :-)

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