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Fedeltà #38


"I don't do guessing games!" snarled Tony, "You tell me what that means!"

"Look," she replied, "Hear me out. You and Terry are inseparable, almost joined at the hip, except you ain't. He has a problem now in the babymaking department and I'm guessing you don't... well there's no reason why you should."

By this point, Tony was completely disengaged from Livia, and not just because she didn't seem to need any more comforting, but also because he was starting to feel uncomfortable prickles on his neck.

"You're still not making any sense." he accused, "What exactly are you suggesting?"

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    Christopher about 6 years ago

    Tony's a little thick, isn't he? :)

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    Neville Hunt about 6 years ago

    Thick with sharp instincts... unless it was a bluff and he was testing Livia, whom he had never liked... who knows?

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