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Fedeltà #25


Just 10 minutes between each identical twin being born can make a surprising difference. Firstly, neither twin forgets this and the microscopically older makes sure it’s known. So equality starts unequal. This often sets the ‘pecking order’, which is mildly offset by nature's bond.

Then, possibly because of the historic significance of primogeniture, the pecking order is firmly set among family and those the twins subsequently meet. In the twin dynamic, outsiders defer to the older and from then on the implicit level of seniority is cemented.

The older gets stronger, the younger becomes slightly marginalised.

For example, the Monellis.

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Sorry for the lecture, guys. Some of this is research based and some from our experience with quite a few identical and non-identical twins in our various families. It sets up some of the contextual stuff. (I hope)

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    Christopher over 6 years ago

    No, it really helps in understanding these characters. I wasn't aware of all that.

    My only experience with twins was going to school with a pair of girls. One of them dated a close friend of mine, a real playboy by school age standards. They switched clothes one time and the one he was dating posed as the sister and he tried to make out with her. That ended that relationship pretty quickly.

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