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Fedeltà #24


The thing with identical twins is one of sharing. At the point of conception, the twins share the most fundamental thing, their DNA. Because of this, there is an incredible natural bond and growing up together strengthens this. But their personalities don’t always turn out exactly the same, and life experiences shape the dynamics of their relationship.

For Tony and Terry, ‘twinliness’ was a terrific advantage, especially for the profession they chose. Sharing DNA was a blessing in the early days. It provided a critical element of legal doubt when determining guilt.

But changing personalities change other things, like sharing.

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    Jamie Clapperton over 6 years ago

    Enjoying this catch up Neville. Increasingly intrigued about Terry and wondering if I've ever wheeled someone like Tony down a hospital corridor without knowing it! :-)

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Thanks Jamie. I’m still intrigued about Terry too. He’s certainly there in spirit, but whether he’s still breathing is another thing. Haven’t got that far yet! Over the years there have probably been lots of ‘Tonys’ being wheeled around corridors, clinging on to life or having just lost it on account of getting blasted.

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