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Small Talk #84


I've got a tee-shirt with FUN written on the front, because they think I am a fun little chap. The letters are different colours, but Baba says the N is hardly visible.

I have lots of fun, but sometimes I'm very grumpy, like when I'm over-hungry, over-tired and particularly when I've just woken up in the afternoon! Mummy says Daddy's grumpy when he wakes up too!

When I'm very grumpy, nothing pleases me. They all try, but Baba reckons my tee-shirt says it all.

"The N's almost Nvisible!", he jokes, "all I can read is FU!"

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    Drew Martyn almost 4 years ago

    I often wish I had a t-shirt that says FU! Very funny Neville - I reckon, give it a few years, Baba and the Main Man are going to be a formidable team together! :)

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