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Small Talk #39


Mother's Day. My house was full of mothers... well three actually. My Mummy of course and Granny and Granita - they were drinking champagne... but all I got was water. They earbashed the daddies with how tough it was being mothers... well if it's going to be that tough, I'll stick with being a boy.

Boys do great things, like climbing, opening doors, forcing Olds and Ancients to walk up and down stairs with them. Granny says older boys can be very naughty (she means Baba). Whatever.... boys are great!

But there's nothing like a Mummy to put you to bed.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Aw... mummies are the best!

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    S J Gunn over 4 years ago

    so wanted to be a boy when I was younger... but I'm so glad I'm a mummy now :-)

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