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Skin Deep #222


Mac2 needed to take control of Rufus. If his attitude and behaviour to certain women, had softened, then something needed to be done to the boy's 'internal wiring'. Mac2 deduced that Rufus found some women attractive.

Women must be taken out of the equation. At the next session, when another splitting headache forced Rufus to commune with Mac2, it would encourage an extra-long session. That would give Mac2 sufficient time to administer the programming equivalent of aversion therapy to Rufus. He would hate and mistrust all women and would no longer find any attractive.

Rufus would be rendered gay!

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Rufus aint gonna like that. Not if he's aware of it. But I guess Mac2 has thought of that, or will he play with Rufus, let him become aware just to see what happens? So many questions Neville, this is bloody great!

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