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Skin Deep #156


Faith's arms and legs flailed trying to save herself, but Rufus had lifted her up off the floor as he strangled her such that neither hands nor feet made contact with anything other than him. He could live with a few bruises, but she couldn't breathe with a crushed windpipe.

Nonetheless, it must have seemed an age before she gave up the fight.

Rational Rufus had to work out what to do with her body, but body disposal was one of his specialities. But this unexpected event wasn't planned.

He hung her on a hook in his wardrobe pro tem.

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Thanks Drew. I'd got very, very busy with work and feared I had lost my way, but your comment has fired me up again. There's more nastiness in Rufus yet, but Mac's going to play his part again soon I hope, but it can still go one of many ways. :-)

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