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Skin Deep #71


What emerged from the house some 10 minutes later was a clean-shaven, fit young man inside a rather bulky shirt and baggy trousers, held up with a tight belt. His long clean hair, still drying, when seen in the context of his oversize garb, carrying a black box and wearing headphones made him seem quite trendy, in a bohemian kind of way.

But for his savage intent, Rufus must be inconspicuous. The long hair must go and he must buy standard denims and shirts, so he wouldn't seem out of place.

And a box for the box was essential.

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Little wonder his folks ain't too worried about him. His mum knows that he's like his dad,but worse, and his dad couldn't give a toss - and it's only thinking what my own mum might've said that made me say 'toss' instead of summat stronger! :-)
    "Wash your mouth out you filthy boy!" .. "Yes, Mum, sorry Mum!"

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