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Skin Deep #31


Over the years, Marcus, controlling, had expected ‘wifely duties’ to comprise rather more than washing, cooking, ironing and the occasional sex. He’d subjected her to some of the most sordid practices following extensive ‘research’ on the Dark Web.

His perverse tastes developed after he discovered that he couldn’t sire children. This, on reflection, is perhaps a blessing for the world that he couldn’t pass on his genes. It might explain his callous approach to the life of young Rufus.

Suicide was the conclusion of the coroner, eventually, after his wife was found hanging from a beam.

Some were mighty suspicious...

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    Neville Hunt over 7 years ago

    Thank you very much, Aspen. I never realised what a lonely life it could be writing in installments like this. Your comment and others in a similar vein whisk away that lonely uncertainty. Greatly appreciated; thanks again :-)

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    Christopher over 7 years ago

    Marcus becomes more of a bastard with every drabble!

    Sorry for the delays in reading and responding. You're always prompt with my stories and I apologize for my tardiness. The rigors of the day seem to get in my way sometimes.

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