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Skin Deep #24


This final comment from Marcus prompted one final burst of anger, Rufus’s body lifted from the bed and he let out a blood-curdling scream. He fell back, lifeless, dead as a bedstead.

That was Marcus's intention, the final humiliation to draw the last bit of fiery youth from the boy.

Although feeling it necessary to keep his eyes closed until the life transfer had been completed, Marcus allowed himself a quick peek across to the boy on the bed, marvelling at the amount of anger he’d witnessed. How lucky he’d been in his recruitment.

Marcus, you chose very well!

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    Ken Magee over 7 years ago

    Weird and strange. Kept me interested.

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    Neville Hunt over 7 years ago

    Thanks Ken. This is the 24th Drabble in this series. It's a serialised story. If you click 'Skin Deep #24' above you'll get to all the drabbles in the series, so you can start at #1! There aren't too many more until the finale! Thanks for reading.

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    George Stephens over 7 years ago

    Interesting. I think I will go back to the beginning on this one!

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    Christopher over 7 years ago

    Whatever could be next? Keep 'em coming, Neville.

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