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Skin Deep #16


It was probably bravado that spurred Rufus on. By mid-evening he was no longer able to speak coherently or, for that matter, stand up. Marcus, carefully observing the boy, told Rufus that he was going to turn in and suggested that although he was welcome to drink on, Rufus might prefer to get to bed himself.

"OK", slurred Rufus, "one for the road then!” He was like a kid with the key to the sweetshop.

"G'night then." replied Marcus, shuffling across and up the stairs slowly.

Looking down, he muttered to himself. “Enjoy it while you can young man!”

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    Christopher almost 8 years ago

    Marcus, what're you up to, mate?

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Time will tell dear boy, time will tell!

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