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Skin Deep #15


Whilst getting stuck into his first pint of many, Rufus reflected that this would be perfect. He still had six months before he started at university and this would tide him over very nicely. He might work here four months and then have two months holiday somewhere far away before he had to buckle down to university life.

If Marcus was going to ply him with endless supplies of beer on top of great pay, well just bloody brilliant!

“Aren’t you drinking, Marcus?” he asked.

But Marcus limited himself to tea, oddly raising his cup to toast the boy’s health.

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    Christopher almost 8 years ago

    It's never good when only one side of the table is drinking! Makes you wonder...

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Agreed, Christopher!

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Thanks Drew. I hope there will be a surprise in due course.

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