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He typed hesitantly into the text box. What would happen when he was done? With anticipation, he pressed submit. Nothing! It wasn't yet 100 words. Anxiously, he considered what to write next. Blast! Writer's block. He shuffled the papers on his desk and then tidied them up again. He spun around in his chair, feeling a wave of dizziness as he stopped himself abruptly, after completing just one revolution. He was ready.

He typed. His earlier hesitation was gone. This was it. He'd finally show them all what he was capable of. Nothing could stop him now. He clicked "submit".

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    Horrorshow about 7 years ago

    Welcome to, Mr. Shiny and New! :-)

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    Michael Cook about 7 years ago

    Nice one Mister! ...and welcome.

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    Brandon Sutton about 7 years ago

    This sounds very familiar! Only, I'm not sure I even had this much confidence. Nice drabble!

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    Bryan Thomas about 7 years ago


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    Neil Ross about 7 years ago

    And so it begins!

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    Tony Spencer about 7 years ago

    Yes folks, it's as simple as that. Nice one, Mr Shiny and New!

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