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I stopped telling her years ago, but now, in this place, aspects of it affect our children, and our children are important.

Not that we are unimportant, of course, but the children are so much more than we could aspire or hope to deliver. They are, or will become in time, the leaders they were born to be.

Under their guidance this will become unimportant, a foot note in the long, troubled history of me, of us, of human kind. So it's important that I tell her again, after all this time. For the sake of the future, our children.

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    Christopher Angel almost 7 years ago

    Dropped, fully formed, into my mind during a decadent midday nap!

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    Brandon Sutton almost 7 years ago

    I like the ambiguity of the drabble. I think it serves the message of the story very well.

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    Drew Martyn almost 7 years ago

    You should nap more ;) Excellent drabble.

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    Elizabeth O. Smith almost 7 years ago

    I agree that the ambiguity and even underlying uncertainty really adds to this piece! Good work :)

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    Horrorshow almost 7 years ago

    Nice drabble, Christopher. Kudos.

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