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Miracles #2


Anthony laid his brother's body to rest. Not eternal but ephemeral in nature until he got back.

Exiting the tiny cupboard in the back of a filthy kitchen, Anthony proceeded to grab a butcher knife dangling on the counter top below. With footsteps as light as a gust of wind, he entered the hell hole contained upstairs.

Anthony made Daddy all bloody like the Virgin Mary during Jesus' birth. The young boys image of God was all twisted and mangled due to a life full of hardship and little reward.

[Last Drabble till my flash fiction novel is out y'all!]

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    Good luck with the novel! (That's very exciting!)

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    Brandon Sutton over 9 years ago

    As someone who is working on a similar concept myself, I know how difficult it can be to get a whole novel put together of shorter pieces. Good luck!

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