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"Sometimes words overwhelm me, and my fears get the better of me. I feel so blue, I feel so melancholy, when they twist my words and make me into a monster..."

Jane combed through her daughter's diary. In it she had poured out her heart and soul. Before taking her life on the eighth of October, she'd promised to make a list of all the things that had made her happy.

"1). Unicorns
2). My first kiss
3). A 1st place ribbon...

Nowhere was her family mentioned. Jane wept alone in that tiny blue room, longing for sunshine and Hope.

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    Title says it all, this to me captures the essence of melancholy in a way that very little else does (across all art forms). Really enjoy it. Depressing tho and very sad

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    Michael D. Brooks over 9 years ago

    As expected. Another well done drabble.

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    Rodindeadpan over 9 years ago

    Why you make us all cry?

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    op ruoho over 9 years ago

    Have been feeling somber lately and therefore enjoyed this immensely.

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    Samantha Grace Bishop about 9 years ago

    Since I deleted my old accounts, my comments disappeared as a consequence. I come back to this piece a few times. And let me reiterate, this is one of my favourite pieces ever, not just drabbles, but written in general.

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