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Larry used to relish his dream job. He'd always wanted to be a thought cop. Stopping the bad guys before they committed crimes. But after just a few years on the job, he was close to burning out.

He never anticipated the long hours of listening to lurid thoughts and exhaustive days of immersing himself in the most vile environments imaginable would take its toll on him.

At the end of a shift, he couldn't wait to wash his mind out.

Being a child division thought cop was tough. He shuddered to think what the adult division cops went through.

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    Christopher 27 days ago

    I'm afraid this is where we're heading. Great drabble, Michael.

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    Michael D. Brooks 27 days ago

    I agree. Thanks, Christopher.

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    Neville Hunt 27 days ago

    Haha! I wonder if he policed his own thoughts too. Fun drabble.

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    Jeff Taylor 25 days ago

    Good drabble Christopher. Maybe you should explore this a little more 😊

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    Jeff Taylor 25 days ago

    Christopher??? Michael! SO SORRY!!! OMG. 😅

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    Michael D. Brooks 24 days ago

    Jeff, no problem. Thanks for the compliment.

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    Drew Martyn 19 days ago

    Well, whatever your name is, it isa great drabble (sorry guys! 😊). Very enjoyable and I agree with Jeff, well worth exploring further...

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