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Michael was hard at work living life, paying bills, and busy keeping his day job all while working on his next book of short stories when he realized he'd neglected his friends at that 100-word writing community he used to frequent.

It was their dedication to a writing format he enjoys that drew him there. So he stopped back in to lurk awhile.

The eloquence of his fellow writers reminds him why he joined their ranks in the first place. Their skill is what he still aspires to achieve.

Their support and encouragement are what inspire him to persevere.

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Michael, I can only echo Drew’s words and say how pleased I am that you like it here on Drablr. It’s my drug and there’s nothing I like more than reading the work of others. So please keep on writing... and that’s not a hint but a request!

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    Michael D. Brooks over 5 years ago

    Drew, Neville, if there's one thing I've learned as a writer, it's that no matter how well I think I write, there are those who write better. There are many writers here who do just that. That's why I sometimes lurk. So I can learn from the rest of you. Thanks for your support.

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Hear, hear to what Drew has said. Let’s see more from you Michael. There aren’t so many people publishing on Drablr these days and I, for one, like reading other people’s output... to help me improve my own. Lurk no more, you write really well!

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    LesleyAnne over 5 years ago

    Loved that comment Drew 'writers with different styles'. So true.

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