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Football Focus #1


Coming from a non-footballing part of the country, rather like Norfolk, I had no interest in the game until I turned up in north London in the early 70’s. Invited by Greek season ticketholders to Highbury I was consumed by the mounting excitement of a prospective double - my young wife was nicknamed ‘Charlie’ at work as her maiden name was George. And so it was ultimately Charlie George’s legendary goal in the Cup Final against Liverpool that sealed my subsequent support of Arsenal. This set off a trail of events that have led colour to my life ever since...

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Blimmin’ cheek. Who says Norfolk’s non-footballing? You’re obviously trying to wind me up Steve! What about Norwich Ci’ee? On the other hand, Grandad Hunt did tell us he played for Arsenal, and he was certainly a gunner, so maybe I’ll let you off! 😐

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