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My Pen and George Best #3


Consequently my pen’s mishap became a great source of amusement at the cricket club for the rest of that summer.
The sequel to the story was the sad decline of George played out on TV and in the tabloids as he re-entered various clinics or was hounded for signs of his crippling medical affliction.
I followed his course through vested interest - he was my unsuspecting mate a sort of bond from our chance encounter. He had normally been smartened up by helpers often wearing a jacket... yes with my Mont Blanc clearly visible poking out of his top pocket!

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    ‘United’ no less perhaps. Maybe it was George’s goal to get your pen and all you got was a penalty. You’ve drawn a blanc now; you’ll have to draw a line under this affair. Oh! But you can’t... I really enjoyed this series Steve. ⚽️

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