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Oh No #3


Bonjour monsieur. Wot can I give you for petit-déjeuner aujourd’hui? Ze egg urgence is over - ze chicken as I thought had gone through ze hole in ze fence into ze garden of Gustave but being pas confortable in his domain couldn’t déposer her oeufs.
So now she come back and give me 10 beautiful eggs. You want zem bouillis, brouillés, à la coques, à plat ou même hollandais? J’ai bloqué ze hole anyway as ze naughty chicken must not échapper again and ruin your petit-déjeuner or I will have to barbecue her for déjeuner, œufs or no oeufs.

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    Neville Hunt about 2 years ago

    Eggs is eggs it seems.

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    Drew Martyn about 2 years ago

    Pah! Chickens these days, eh? A spell in the battery cage would do 'em good! ;)
    Thoroughly enjoying this series, Steve :)

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