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Like Bradman at the Oval in the 1948 Ashes Test I’m close to my century moment with 98 scored. It’s been an interesting innings so far patiently building my score. The Don famously fell to a googly second ball just 4 runs short on an average of 99.94. Subject to an unplayable bouncer I can step past the 100 mark although well short of leading drabblers in the hunt who are more in Sachin Tendulkar’s league of 100 international centuries.
Consequently I’m beginning to understand the enormous pressure sportsmen feel as they teeter on the brink of some historic record.

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    Drew Martyn over 2 years ago

    Very perceptive mate, an excellent innings so far I must say! Though I have to say that at the start of the drabble I was beginning to wonder if you were describing closing in on your hundredth year, not hundredth drabble! Great stuff!!

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Nice one Steve. I'll be looking out for your Century. You've certainly shown you can knock em for six and spinner good yarn.

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