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Surprisingly the Philippines, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, Jamaica, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Germany, Eire, India, Ecuador, Poland have much in common. Wonderful medical professionals from these countries, alongside UK colleagues, with their skills, care and humanity, saved me from certain death.
These people, like my transplant surgeon, a gracious Spanish lady, dedicated to her British patients, do nothing but good. I'm so ashamed the supposedly "tolerant" British public has placed these deserving people under a cloud. It's now hard to look foreign workers in the face without apologising for the demeaning insult inflicted by just 17million out of 47million UK citizens.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    An excellent perspective; I couldn't agree more.

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Totally with you on that. The sickening timidity and fear shown by little-Britainers disgusts me. I know the Brexit vote may have been about more than immigration (a nice name for cultural intolerance) but it pandered to unintelligence, disinformation, intellectual laziness and intolerance.
    Sorry, I appear to have gone on a rant! Excellent drabble, by the way, a strong argument well presented.

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