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Stars. Nothing but stars in all directions. My breathing is laboured, the oxygen mix almost too low for life. A random accident, a burst of the thrusters and now drifting. Too far for rescue. I don't mind, the view is amazing. Pin sharp stars across the infinite black veil.

If I'm going to die, this is all I could have hoped for. It doesn't hurt, it feels pleasant. I'm not afraid. I enjoy the view. Absorb its majesty. They say the last moment follows you for eternity. If that is true then I am indeed blessed. I only wish that...

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    Olga Klezovitch over 8 years ago

    "The last moment follows you for eternity": I liked that. Nice transition from the end to the beginning....Gives me hope.

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    Michael Brookes over 8 years ago

    Thanks Olga!

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