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Jacob checked his fortifications. The windows were boarded up. The doors were barred and locked. He wanted to relax but the apocalypse outside was drawing nearer. He readied his shotgun, hoping the hordes would pass him by.

It wasn't to be. A gentle knocking grew more insistent and it was more a knocking than a banging.

“The army! My salvation!”

Jacob prised the nails from the boards and with relief threw the door open.

“Haaavee yooouu hheard the ggggoood news of ooouuurr Looorrrdd,” whispered in a dusty voice were the last words he heard before the suited corpses devoured him.

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    Peter Muscutt about 10 years ago

    This sort of thing happens all the time around our way. Great drabble!

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    Christopher Angel almost 10 years ago

    Brought a smile to my lips and a chuckle to my throat!

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