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Moist. The word oozes wetness. Swish. Can’t you just hear the dress moving? I know so many words, yet so few can I articulate. I want to whisper, I want to shout, I want to sing and speak. I will try….GLARGHUGLE. That didn’t quite work. And again: BLEUCH. So many words in my head, so few in my mouth. Halcyon – it means both a bird and peace and prosperity. Again, I attempt to wrap the words around my tongue Only blarb comes out.

Maybe if I concentrate…if I work hard, if I force it… shout… MAMA. Success at last!

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    Peter Muscutt over 10 years ago

    Like it! We've all been there, after all!

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    Doting Mom over 10 years ago

    Ha ha, I can imagine a child doing this ;)

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    Neville Hunt about 9 years ago

    This is a good drabble. I didn't see it coming.

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