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"Here, boy!" He called his dog, the canine responding to him, hurrying back.

"Find any?" He asked, the dog woofed, "Show me!"

He woofed again, wagging his tail, leading his master to a burrow.

The man used his shovel, kicking away at the entrance. The dog ran in.

When he came out, his mouth held a bloody fairy.

"Good boy!" The man praised, yanking the fairy out of his mouth into a jar.


"Okay... you can eat the rest."

The dog jumped excitedly, scurrying into the burrow.

The fairy watched her family get massacred, bloody tears down her cheeks.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Very sad... but she’s a fairy... maybe she has a spell or two she can rustle up and get even?

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