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“Excellent! Excellent, peon!”. The highest looks over peon’s statistics for the day. 3 highrisers, 6 darks, 7 reds, 18 tunnelers........,”. “Yes, 1000 pardons, please for my interrupting your highest.” “Go on.”, waving his hand. “I made a bomb. My first.”, bowing his head in all due respect. Highest glances down with a sarcastic grin. “166 total for this round.” Peon, “It’s not my best round. I have had better.” Highest nods, “I am granting you 258,000 points. You may spend them as you wish this time.”. “As I wish?”, peon adjusts his glasses, as he backs out of the sanctum.

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    Jim M over 8 years ago

    Haha, amazing. Video games?

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