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The children were dead… sacrificed… by us.

The sky tore open. The heavens wept… a sleet storm of angels… a demonic downpour of beatific beasts.

We watched as cherubs with blood-smeared chins feasted on our children’s corpses.

The angels saw our offspring’s faces—fashioned from the creator’s likeness.

Jealous, they undid the fibers of our children’s being…

Holy hands tore at tiny bodies… innards slick and serpentine as they were plucked.

The faces were shattered– reduced to shapeless, meaningless meat.

The world became silent as God’s celestial brats ascended towards home… their envy of our living, breathing flesh appeased momentarily.

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    Brilliantly horrible! Great drabble, K.Z. Score a vote from me. :-)

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