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Curdled clouds came… hovering, descending…
ingesting everything in their way.
The world was painted in black, white and gray.
I opened my mouth and out poured a soundless scream
as if we existed in a silent film.
Then people started floating…
Their bodies bloating,
Fat limbs flailing,
Dancing in an eerie pantomime…
Intent on leaving me behind.
I cried after the corpse balloons as they flew towards the ashen sky,
gazing down at me with pupilless eyes.
Their decaying mouths opened and closed in an inaudible song.
Then I remembered my last birthday wish...
For everyone to leave me alone.

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    Chris Walker almost 10 years ago

    Great imagination and description. Love it!

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    Brandon Sutton almost 10 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful writing about an absolutely horrifying and shocking series of events. Fantastic story!

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    Horrorshow almost 10 years ago

    Excellent drabble.

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    Julie almost 10 years ago

    Great drabble.

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    Elizabeth O. Smith almost 10 years ago

    Love the use of diction here ^^

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    Bryan Thomas almost 10 years ago

    Conjures up some great images!

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