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The moth was commenting on his cousin, the butterfly: “I dance around the candle flame and you chase the flowers. Attraction is a strange thing. You will pass and fade as quickly as the open blooms wilt. I will devour garments because I am starving. Appearances are not my concern. To love is not as great as to be loved and in a cold world, I seek warmth. Your beauty does not last and I need to fly as well. Dance close to the flame, forsake the trappings of long tails and slower wings, and live longer than the butterfly.”

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    Horrorshow about 7 years ago

    Nice drabble, Kimberly. :-)

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    Brandon Sutton about 7 years ago

    This is a good analogy you draw in this drabble. It makes me wish I'd have thought of it!

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    Bryan Thomas about 7 years ago

    Very good, Kimberly.

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    Kimberly about 7 years ago

    Thank you! I am already following Bryan, but I will take a look at Brandon and Horrorshow's Drabbles as well...

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