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The Skaggerston Nightmares #1


The beach was stony; strewn with litter and used syringes. After six weeks without sleep, only the crash of the waves could drown out the other sounds echoing in Frank’s head.

He stared out to sea, watching the sunrise. He’d been here for days, too scared to close his eyes. The salt had rotted the stitching of his suit.

The hypnagogic hallucinations started two weeks ago. Terrifying apparitions augmented in his mind’s eye, projected through his visual cortex, manifested, made real. Why did I take those pills?

Hands shaking, he held the edge of the straight razor to his retina.

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    Peter Muscutt about 4 years ago

    Skaggerston is the place to be this summer. Just for all the wrong reasons!!!

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    Neville Hunt about 4 years ago

    Aaaaghh. It sends shiver down my spine. Can't wait for #2

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