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Christmas Eve, the house was silent, still. Santa felt unease as he tiptoed along the hall. Something didn't feel right! Awake child maybe? Maybe a child that no longer believed? No, an altogether different feeling.

Santa couldn't be expected to keep up with all current affairs, could he? He'd been stuck in his workshop for months. Barely taking a break, and certainly not watching any tv; hardly knew how to turn the thing on. So it was with great shock that he entered little suzy's bedroom to find her reanimated corpse munching on the dog he'd given he last year?

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    Jonathan Royan over 7 years ago

    Thanks Drew. I saw a picture of a zombie santa and quickly wrote this. Cheers.

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    Neville Hunt over 7 years ago

    Well at least Santa knew she'd enjoyed what he had brought her. I wonder what he left her this year, ghoulasch? Nice one.

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