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It was a gloriously sunny day and the sunlight dazzled off the bleached white sands. The air moved in waves of heat from the dunes to the blue cloudless sky. Rodriguez's eye were focused on a troop of ants marching the sand, carrying flotsam and jetsam, no doubt to their anthill and their queen.

Rodrigues had been watching them for hours, watching them march closes and closer. They would spot him soon. Hard to know what was going to kill him first really? The ants, the circling vultures, or the desert heat, berried up to the neck as he was!

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    Yes, the punch of the last line, he's buried up to his neck! Didn't see it coming.
    What the best drabbles do!

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    Jonathan Royan over 9 years ago

    Thanks guys. :-)

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