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Crystal had stripped before of course, but not for a private group of clients like these fine gentlemen. They watched her appraisingly, her voluptuous figure gliding around the stage becoming more and more revealed as they looked on.

It was nice to dance for a better caliber of punter. Better than the drunken baying animals at The Pussycat Club. Fantastic money too. "Wear no perfume" the contact said as the only stipulation.

Ending her routine she noticed one of the men licking his lips feverishly. Her blood instantly ran cold! "Enough of this" he said producing a blade. "Let's eat!"

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    Wow, that's some dark stuff right there! Great, if scary, drabble Jonathan

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    Jonathan Royan over 9 years ago

    Thank you guys. :-)

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