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"Hold your two fingers out daddy" she says.

"What, like this?"

"No daddy!" She giggles. "That's swearing."

"Oh. Sorry. Like this?"

"Yep. Put one on like this, then another like this."

"Ok, then what?"

"You need this thingy daddy, it helps hook them round."

"Riiiiiight......I see now."

"This one over that one and do it again, then the hooks go on..........like this daddy....see?"

"Uh yes.....ok.........I think I've got it now."

"Good daddy. Can I go on Minecraft now?"

"Yes. Off you go" I say, admiring my work.

She scampers off down stairs while I finish my first ever loom band.

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    Kate Gowers over 9 years ago

    I really like this. And did you finish the loom band?

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    Jonathan Royan over 9 years ago

    I did indeed. Not the best looking but a good first try in my opinion. :-)

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