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The Vengeance Of Angels


Picture the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. No. More beautiful than that. Now imagine she has a sister, who's even hotter. And a twin.

Got her fixed in your mind? Good. That's how I saw Angel. In fact, that's how you would see Angel too.

Except you can't, can you, because she isn't here anymore. What's left of her body is here. On a slab in a mortuary in the Lower South. Where I am too. Identifying her.

Someone tries to say something consoling. I'm not listening. I'm planning. I am Johnny Wishbone and I will bring down vengeance.

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    Jim M over 6 years ago

    I love the style and the mix of techniques, brilliant and almost throwaway cool. Looking forward to the rest of this series

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    Drew Martyn over 6 years ago

    Film noir with the coolest dude ever. Love it :)

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    Rodindeadpan over 6 years ago

    Get 'em Johnny. Make them pay.

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    Julie over 6 years ago

    OK, you've got me hooked. Looking forward to reading more of this series.

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    Jim M over 6 years ago

    Hey Johnny, hope to see more soon

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    Johnny Wishbone over 6 years ago

    Hopefully, Monday. I'm working on cutting down the original short story into 100 word pieces that also make sense as individual segments. I'm also working on achieving spiritual unity with the Galaxy for the good of mankind and cats. Unfortunately, the latter seems easier than the former right now.

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