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The woodsman Kane was considered the best-looking and strongest man in town. He desired Bella, the daughter of Henry the apothecarist. In Kane’s eyes, she was the only one who matched his beauty. Yet each day, Bella spurned his advances; and with each rejection, Kane’s heart grew dark.

One night, as Henry travelled to deliver herbs to the nearby landhold, he was accosted by Kane and his thugs. Although Kane pleaded eloquently for Bella’s hand, Henry refused.

Kane, incensed, struck down the old man.

As the apothecarist died, Kane whispered “Now she has no one. Bella will be mine.”

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    Frenchie over 8 years ago

    he he he, Kane obviously needs some lessons in courting. That is not the way to go. He does not know his Bella very well . Bella as in Belle, by the way ? :) Thanks for the smile, nice drabble.

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    Nice drabble.

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