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Like most furry narrative devices, Paul the Hyena began happy.

On April 14th 2004, Paul's friends asked him to stop wearing clothes just as they had done yesterday.

“You can be your true self with us,” they coaxed “Meaningful relationships are all about trust and sharing.”

He proudly strutted to the watering hole the next morning.

“Screehahaha, look at hairy Paul!” they chattered “your arms and back are too hairy! Didn't you know to shave? Heeyahahahheee, you're like an ape!”

“But you said I had to be who I am?” Paul trembled.

“hyuhyuheeyah... no, IDIOT!... We said to be naked.”

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    Michael D. Brooks over 9 years ago

    To be or not to an introvert, a conformist, or an exhibitionist? That is the delimma.

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