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Final Castle #82


Praetus smiled, the silken drapes behind him fluttered in the warm sunny breeze.

"Now Brother James, you can't blame yourself" You've failed us all, you've failed those who died trusting you.

"She was... unexpectedly afflicted..." Daemon, tool, charred vessel.

James shuddered and dropped his head. He saw Kate, blank faced, focal point for the maelstrom of dark energy churning above her. Kate's voice, a legion of wretched screeches.

Kate, shimmering as she was taken.

James, helpless.

"She should never have been here, a house of the gods" You brought her here.

"Brother James, the eldars will need justice" Revenge, Blame.

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    #FinalCastle is being continued by my good friend @vicr189. She's great. And a better writer than I am.

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