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Final Castle #32


James tried to control his breathing, he HAD to control his breathing. The Rate of Burn 'i' light was already blinking rapidly.

He looked to Jackson, the hard glare was gone from her eye and her face was strangely relaxed, almost gentle, almost... someone else. She too was rigidly resperating. Sharp. Even. Breaths.

James tried not to think about the pressure sickness.

He felt more than heard the habitat boundary creaking against his back.

When he glanced back, she locked eyes with him, a knowing glimmer played across her lips and then her calm focus returned, the mechanical breathing continued.

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    Kate over 9 years ago

    Nice drabble, makes me want to know their story

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    @vicr189 is continuing/improving/maximising #FinalCastle on her drablr.com page

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