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Dear Diary,

I'm not sure how much longer this is going to last. It has been drummed into us that it is all for a better future. Each day we strive to achieve our leader's ultimate aim.

I've personally helped turn in several hundred now. It's become a little easier each time. I have learnt to accept it. They must be wiped out.

Today, I helped uncover a couple of families hidden in an attic - behind a bookcase of all places! A young girl was the last to leave. Her eyes caught mine as she walked past. It unsettled me.

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    Kath Middleton over 7 years ago

    Oh, that makes something sinister sound like a simple duty. Makers me shiver.

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    Bryan Thomas over 7 years ago

    Thought-provoking. Made me think of Anne Frank.

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    Tony Spencer over 7 years ago

    Very good

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